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Maggie Celebrated at Aye Write

25th July 2023 – by JJ

From June's newsletter -

My Ones to Watch segment at Glasgow's Aye Write festival was fantastic, thank you very much. There was nothing quite like reading my favourite excerpt from Maggie to a room full of strangers to gauge their reaction. The laughter was palpable - and at the right bits, too!

I chose to read the scene where Maggie first meets Tommy Gunn and, amongst all his charm and his cheek, she gives as good as she gets - the trait I love most
about her. However, it was the character of Mrs McNulty who made the biggest splash, so she did. Many people approached me at the book signing afterwards to discuss people they knew, from as far away as Coatbridge, who were just the same, so they were. Right, I'll stop that now. I got a bit carried away with the McNulty speech at the festival and I've quite worn myself out with it, so I have.

Most of the event was spent answering host and audience questions, which is always one of my favourite things so, if you ever have any questions of your own, use the contact form on this site to get in touch!

Join me at Aye Write!

25th April 2023 – by JJ

I'm delighted to announce that, at Aye Write's Ones to Watch event (Mitchell Library, 27th May, 11am), I'll be right there talking about all things Maggie!

The other novelists taking part are Wiz Wharton, Ghost Girl, Banana and Sarah Thomas, Queen K. It's going to be a good one...

Find out more at the Aye Write 2023 website

Maggie has landed

3rd April 2023 – by JJ

There was no rest for the wicked at the launch of The Making of Maggie Munroe. We had readings, we had questions, we had lots of history (both about family and the Maryhill area), and we had a fun literary quiz that managed to put Maggie up there with some of the greats. Most importantly though, we had many laughs - and the bar helped.

It was satisfying to hold the event in the local community, and people came from all over to help me celebrate. The furthest travelled was Serbia! 

The Making of Maggie Munroe is available to pre-order now

Many guests were familiar faces while others were new inductees to the Maggie story, and absolutely everyone was up for letting their hair down. The night was spent welcoming stories of Glasgow through the ages and the real woman who inspired a novel. I'm affy proud of her.

Glasgow Launch Event

10th January 2023 – by JJ

The exciting launch of The Making of Maggie Munroe, hosted by Calum Neilsen, will take place on the 30th March 2023 and everyone is welcome!

We will explore Maryhill during the 1930s and 1940s and hold a Q & A to answer all of your burning questions. The novel is based around colourful family stories and the life of my gran, so things could get interesting…

Come along to The BrewHaus Glasgow (previously Crosslands*), 182 Queen Margaret Drive for a 7.30pm start.

The Making of Maggie Munroe is available to pre-order now

*Yes, the location is the same balcony that Begbie loses his cool and his pint glass in Trainspotting but, more than a nod to another great Scottish novel, it is situated within the stomping ground of our protagonist, Maggie Munroe, and the real woman who inspired her. How’s that, you ask? I will be happy to answer on the night. 

Hot Not What? Podcast is back

1st January 2023 – by JJ

After a short (2 years, thank you Covid) break, the podcast returns to the airwaves.

In this light-hearted fireside discussion, my husband and I put the world to rights. What’s hot right now, what’s most certainly not something that anyone out there should want to emulate, and what’s a contentious issue that all depends on your perspective? And will Dan and I ever be able to agree?

The previously-aired season 1 will launch on 18th January 2023, alongside 3 brand-new episodes that we have dug out of our digital cabinet of curiosities which will air monthly, from the 1st February onwards.

After that, it will be straight on to Season 2, with regular episodes each month. Listeners (if there are any) will be happy to hear more punctual content - although it will still involve the two of us havering for 25 minutes. This is where I take a break from writing, and I hope we can count on some friends to pop along to help us out. Expect S2ep01 on 1st June 2023.

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